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What motivated us to grow our dog family...

Malachi and Abra and Ashton
Wick and Ashton
Wick and Tyler

Here at the Yeomans HAUS, we are a family-owned and operated breeder and have owned the unique Rottweiler breed for over 30 years. 

Our love of Rottweilers started with our first male Wickin 1993, our second female, Malachi, in 2000, and our third Rottweiler, Bash 2013.


All three of our dogs were purebred rottweilers and had prominent health issues, an extreme financial burden on the family. We then decided to connect with the origin of the rottweiler bread in Germany, a part of the Germany Kennel Club. The vigorous testing ensured our Rottweiler's health, are (ZTP) worthy of being bred; LEMP Free from neurological disorders; NAD Free, our bread has a great personality and excellent behaviour, being a fear-free bread that maintains an air of self-assurance, calm and confident—possessing an inherent desire to protect their home and family.; Our bread is longhair-free, having fur like velvet, and the heart is checked generationally and clear.


Our fourth Rottweiler is baby girl Axa, born in 2020, and our fifth girl Willow born in 2019, both purebreds from Germany. Our old boy Bash and baby Axa are the logos for our VYH Rottweiler Breeding business, indeed a superior breed of Rottweilers.


Our pedigree generationally has no hip dysplasia, no genetic disorders, no autosomal recessive genetic disease, no neurological disorders, no heart issues, and no long coat.

The benefits of our breed of champion bloodline from Germany, the dam, and sire are BH titled for traffic services, including obedience and temperament testing. They are registered with Germany Kennel Club and ADRK, accepted worldwide as the Rottweiler breed parent organization given in Germany as a prerequisite for Schutzhund titles. ZTP (Zuchttauglichkeitspufung) selected that these Rottweilers are worthy of being bred.

We love the Rottweiler, bred being a larger breed that is still a gentle, loving, and driven dog and makes an ideal family pet. They are incredibly smart, very intuitive, highly reward-driven dogs and perform just as well on the show circuit as they do being a lapdog in your living room. 

Our family goal as breeders of Rottweilers as we continue to watch not only our animals but also the animals of our friends around us who struggle with their furry loved ones dealing with underlying health issues. 

Our motivation and why we started a breeding business striving for excellence to minimize underlying health issues in our Rottweilers is giving you the best show dog for championships and also the best pet for you and your family!

Are you looking for a fantastic breeder with a trusted background on both the female and male sides, looking for your next show dog, or looking for a family dog to raise with your family?

We strive for excellence in our matches and ensure that you are getting a quality animal that, with proper care and diet, can go the extra mile!

We have travelled to Germany, researched the different lineages, many breeders, and training types, and want to maintain that "Golden Standard" that is esteemed for this stunning breed!

Vom Yeomans Haus Rottweilers
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