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Vom Yeomans Haus Rottweilers

maintain pride in the highest quality family health standards. 

HD - Hip Dysplasia 

ED - Elbow and Joints

JLPP Free - Autosomal Recessive Genetic Disease 

BH titled; Traffic test severeness test - includes obedience and temperament tests.

ADRK - Accepted worldwide as the Rottweiler breed parent organization - usually given in Germany - is a prerequisite for Schutzhund titles.

ZTP- (zuchttauglichkeitspufung) is designed to select the highest standard Rottweilers who are worthy of being bred. Breeding suitability tests (ZTP) and similar measures (breeding selection test, breeding approval test, etc.) are tests prescribed by breeding associations in their statutes, which are intended to ensure that the breeding goals set for the respective dog breed are achieved. It is a common term for various selection decisions in dog breeding. A breeding suitability test can be an essential element in assessing a dog's breeding value if the individual phenotype is examined in detail. In addition to evaluating the appearance and behaviour of dogs considered for breeding, health traits are also important. For individual hereditary factors, the result of DNA analysis to determine the genotype can make it easier to estimate the breeding value.

IGP3 International Utility Dog - Level 3 - tracking, on obedience, protection and competition level.  

LEMP Free - (Leukoencephalomylopathy). is a term that describes all brain white matter diseases, whether their molecular cause is known or unknown. The LEMP test is for neurological disorders and other brain functions.

NAD Free - Testing to gain information on personality: behaviour - a fearless dog that maintains an air of self-assurance. Calm and confident. Possesses an inherent desire to protect home and family.

Longcoat Free

Heart Checked 


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